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Anxiety is a feeling characterized by tension, anxious thoughts, or physical changes. Dental anxiety is a term used to describe the fear or anxiety about dental care and treatments. It is normal for everyone to feel anxious about dental procedures; we usually encounter two types of anxiety: continuous anxiety or situational anxiety. In continuous anxiety, the patient experiences stress without a specific reason. Situational anxiety is a type of anxiety that arises during unusual situations or events, making us lose control of our ability to stay calm. Both are incredibly common in dentistry and are often experienced.


People with dental anxiety may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Racing heart rate
  • Low blood pressure
  • Heightened emotions during treatment


Among the causes of anxiety are fear of needles, previous bad experiences, uncertainty about what to expect, fear of pain, or the frequency of dental visits. It has no relation to your age, gender, the number of missing teeth, or the reason for your dental visit. It is crucial for your dentist to try to alleviate your stress at the earliest opportunity. This will help calm the situation and allow you to communicate more comfortably with them. It is recommended that your dentist be informed about any psychological and physiological issues before any treatment.

COPING WITH DENTAL FEAR: Innovative Tips to Overcome Traditional Approaches

APPROACH WITH CURIOSITY: Rather than facing the unknown, approaching dental treatment processes with curiosity can make the experience more positive.

RESEARCH WITH YOUR DENTIST: Collaborate with your dentist, share your fears, and explore together how to overcome these fears.

BE READY FOR A BREAK: Knowing that you can take a break when needed during the treatment can help you maintain control.

SOUND THERAPY: Aim to relax by using natural sounds or meditation music that you can listen to during the treatment.

FRIENDSHIP SUPPORT: Involving a friend in your dental treatment process can increase support and a sense of trust.

HANDMADE STRESS RELIEVERS: Prepare unique stress relievers to hold during the treatment to help you stay focused.

MENTAL JOURNEY: Close your eyes and be in a calming place in your mind during the treatment, distancing yourself from the real world.

POWERFUL MANTRAS: Encourage yourself by using not only optimistic thoughts but also powerful positive statements.

NATURAL AIDES: Consider exploring natural relaxation methods before resorting to relevant medications.

UNCONVENTIONAL OPTIONS: Besides sedation dentistry, evaluate different and unconventional options to find the most suitable solution for yourself.

Everyone’s fear of the dentist is different, so adopting a personalized approach is essential. These suggestions aim to provide an innovative perspective on dealing with dental anxiety.


At Agagsia Dental, we believe in creating care and trust. A good relationship between the patient and the dentist is crucial to managing anxiety. From the moment you step into the clinic, you will feel cared for, and our goal is to make you feel at home throughout your time in Turkey.

Thanks to the treatment and holiday planning we conduct with our special consultants and doctors, we offer the opportunity to have your treatment in a luxury villa in a comfortable environment. By moving away from the hospital smell and the traditional hospital environment, we effectively address your dental fear and anxiety at Agagsia Dental.

We take care to provide detailed information about your treatment plan in advance for your preparation. During the initial consultation, we explain the dental procedures to be performed in detail, answer your questions, and address any possible concerns you may have. This process will help alleviate your concerns about the unknown.

Using the latest technology in smile design, Agagsia Dental provides painless dental treatments in a comfortable and friendly environment. We aim to eliminate the fear of dental procedures and provide a calmer experience.

By overcoming dental fear and anxiety with Agagsia Dental, you can enjoy the process of staying in Turkey and feel at home.

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