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Dental treatments in Turkey are becoming increasingly popular with many people choosing to travel there for their dental needs, largely to save money. Here are some reasons why dental treatments in Turkey are significantly less expensive.


DENTAL SURGERY can be incredibly costly. However, as the world becomes more connected, travel is becoming cheaper. By opting for dental treatment in Turkey, you can save a substantial amount of money. When compared to the savings made on your dental treatment, the cost of travel seems far less significant.

We believe Turkey is the best option for many clients from the UK seeking treatment abroad, thanks to the strength of other currencies, including the Pound Sterling, against the Turkish Lira. Accommodation, dining, and all other amenities necessary for a fantastic holiday are also relatively inexpensive when compared.


The cost of dental procedures in Turkey is lower compared to Europe, Canada, the USA, France, and Spain. This is due to the significantly lower operational rates, and not because the cost of dental materials is any less than in the UK.

Another factor to consider is the cost of education and training for a fully qualified dentist. This will, to some extent, influence salary requirements and, in turn, the prices we pass on to our clients. If you think lower cost means lower quality, think again. At Agagsia Dental,

we have the highest technology standards (we are well-resourced in Turkey and can supply a full set of veneers or crowns in less than a week). Our multidisciplinary team of highly specialised professionals will offer you a complete smile makeover, balancing the aesthetics of your smile with the functionality and precision of your bite for a spectacular result.


At other DENTAL CLINICS, additional fees may be included for consultations, scans, etc. Agagsia Dental provides free consultations with our team of dentists, surgeons, and nurses, utilising 2D panoramic X-rays and 3D Tomography scans when necessary. Should these services be carried out in other countries, additional costs would emerge on top of your treatment.

Agagsia Dental is the ideal place for your dental treatment. While enjoying your holiday in this paradise, with beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, enchanting culture, delicious cuisine, and much more, you will be cared for by a team of expert dentists. Contact our friendly and professional team for a free consultation via WHATSAPP, INSTAGRAM.

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